Full-Day Photography Training


Full Day of Photography Training at your Photography Studio or on Location @ £495.  Or share the day with a friend/coleague on a 2-2-1 basis at £300 each.



A full-day photography or business training.  An agreed agenda will be planned in advance and can cover a variety of practical photography with help and guidance,  for example, available light on location, studio lighting, photography related problems, products, pricing, and even posing.  You have the option to share your day with another photographer on a 2-2-1 basis at £300 per person.  Ask Julie for more details.

From the first time you meet Julie, you will be completely put at ease with her warm and bubbly personality. She has a way of teaching that actually makes you think it was your idea, to begin with…!   Teaching is a skill, of which Julie is a Master. She will look at where you are and discuss where you want to be.   Gifted, smart, unassuming, kind, generous, funny, and a truly excellent trainer.  I learnt so much from her in such a short time”.


“I highly recommend the training that is given by Julie Oswin.  First of all she is extremely knowledgeable of the craft of Wedding Photography.  Secondly, she passes on this knowledge in a way that is easy to understand and will give a totally honest critique of work when required.  Thirdly, she has a personality that makes you comfortable to be around and absorb knowledge she gives you. All these things put together mean that Julie Oswin brings great value to your future development and well worth any investment”  –  Paul Brown