“This three month programme with ten hours of 1-2-1 tution via a video-link and screen share has been designed for you and your photography.  Exclusively based on your specific needs and requirements for your photography.  Contact me to discuss further”  –  Julie Oswin

A few suggested topics:

  • Photoshop, Editing and Presentation;
  • Business, Marketing & Sales;
  • Preparing Panels for Qualification;

NEW TO PHOTOGRAPHY? –  An ideal bespoke mentoring programme for you to work on the business side of photography,  get you up and running with your marketing, sales and your pricing structure.   Julie will guide you through the minefield of starting up a new fledgeling business, help you to build the foundations stones need to give you the confidence to grow.

“From the first time you meet Julie, you will be completely put at ease with her warm and bubbly personality. She has a way of teaching that actually makes you think it was your idea, to begin with…!   Teaching is a skill, of which Julie is a Master. She will look at where you are and discuss where you want to be.   Gifted, smart, unassuming, kind, generous, funny, and a truly excellent trainer.  I learnt so much from her in such a short time”  – Kati


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