Wedding Photography & Me!

– Julie Oswin –


I have been a wedding photographer for over twenty years! A job I have loved and a career that has given me the opportunity to work from home and look after my children. When I started as a photographer I was determined to have a home studio at the side of my house; I wanted to always be there for my daughters when they were growing up, which I did.  My girls are now all grown up women.  I am so proud of what they have achieved so far with their life and love them to bits.

What has this got to do with Wedding Photography?

So, what has this got to do with wedding photography I hear you ask? The reason, I just wanted to share my story with you of when I started as a wedding photographer how hard it was. In 1994.  We didn’t have websites, the internet or emails. We shot all of our weddings on film, ten rolls of film – 100 shots and they all had to count.  They were processed at the Pro Lab, collected by van on a Monday and returned to the Studio on a Thursday ready for the Preview Album (Proofs).  No viewing of the images on the back of the camera.   We shot our weddings on medium format cameras not 35mm.   The world wide web did not exist, and there weren’t any computers, post-processing software or mobile phones!  But that was a long time ago!  At that time if you wanted to learn more about photography, in my case wedding photography, you had to attend seminars and workshops.  The Photographers annual pilgrimage was to visit Focus on Imaging every March (known today as The Photography Show), the majority of us joined either the BIPP or MPA and attended regional meetings. It was the only way to socialise with photographers and shared our ideas, thoughts and information on the latest equipment.

Getting it Right

Like today, some seminars/workshops photographers booked onto were inspiring, yes you did learn about photography, but, some of the trainers you liked; some you didn’t; some you found arrogant; some were happy to share information; some wanted to speak all about themselves in the morning and try to sell you photography gear and stuff in the afternoon.  And there were some trainers that set up the shots and just gave you the settings for the camera without explanation and you didn’t learn anything at all.  Some of the courses/workshops were a complete waste of money, others on the other hand are worth every penny.  I have been in those workshops too!

Not forgetting the chosen venue’s for the workshops, where the hotels have been below par and the food unedible or not enough to go around.   I remember many years ago a friend and I had driven for over three hours up the A1 to a hotel near Scotch Corner to attend a seminar the next day.  Long story short, we ended up sleeping in the car because the hotel room was too disgusting to sleep in.  I remember thinking all those years ago that if I were ever in a position in my career to organise a wedding workshop properly, I would.

The First One

In 2016 I decided to design a four-day residential training course for wedding photographers using my personal experiences of photography courses over the years.  I knew I wanted to host a training course that offered excellent quality accommodation, good food, with no hidden extras, and above all making sure that all of the important stuff was included!   Great, inspiring photographers who are also great trainers and willing to share. Good hotels with clean and comfortable ensuite bedrooms, centrally placed in the UK with easy access to motorway network, trains and not too far from an airport.  And last but not least a bar to sit in at night and share the day and chat about life, equipment and have a giggle!  The Photography Masters was born!

It was 2017 the first Photography Masters was held.  The course delivered everything I believed  a photographer needs when attending a training course.  It was hard work, but I loved it and I was overwhelmed by the reviews and the feedback which was received by all that attended.  The following year – 2018, I organised The Photography Masters again, but this time with different trainers and a different venue.

So, what is The Masters? The Photography Masters is a residential four-day photography workshop.   Where you meet like-minded photographers, build a network of friends and learn new skills to boost your confidence and a must as a wedding photographer to be held in a UK wedding venue and utilise whatever the weather throws at us.  The selected photography trainers are not only great photographers but good trainers who are willing to share and listen to your needs and requirements.

Getting Sorted

An all-inclusive training week with no hidden costs. A lovely bedroom of your own with your ensuite, no sharing, no single supplement, all inclusive of your meals including a three-course evening meal. No booking a restaurant or a hotel room or arranging to meet people for something to eat. You simply park your car on Monday morning and not get back in your vehicle Thursday night. The only thing to pay for is your bar bill. One fee, one price!  A great week of learning, sharing and laughter.  Have a look at the testimonials about the course on the page link below. If you fancy joining us to learn more about wedding photography or brush up your skills, you would be very welcome.



” Julie, your wedding photography course covered everything for me, natural lighting, looking for the right light, making available light and also providing light (OCF) and offered so much more than I expected with new techniques from photographing to editing. You have somehow managed to re-light my passion for wedding photography, and for that, I am most grateful “


The Photography Masters – 2019 is now in its third year and half the places have been sold.  WE have some of the industry giants backing the course because they believe in what I have put together for wedding photographers. This year we welcome Fuji Film UK, The Flash Centre, Jorgensen Albums, Fundy Album Designer, Studio Ninja, and South West Photo Mounts.  Join us!


Creative Light Magazine

– Julie Oswin


The latest edition of Creative Light Magazine has just been published and is available to all to read and features Newborn and Baby Photographer, Claire Elliott;  Landscapes of the North Coast of Scotland, John Baikie; Wedding Photographer, Lyn Stanfield;  and a variety of articles on Adobe Photoshop, Marketing and SEO.

Creative Light Magazine is  bi-monthly and as the Editor of Creative Light I am always delighted to be share and feature so many wonderful, talented photographers.   If you have a story you would like to share, please contact me via email:  [email protected]

– Julie Oswin

Contemporary Wedding Photography

Contemporary Wedding Photography

In the early days, way back in the year 2000, the conversion to digital by photographers was met with scepticism and doubt by many of my colleagues and friends.  A doubt and scepticism not too far removed from the situation that happened over 30 years ago when Rupert Murdoch moved his newspaper business to Wapping.  He fired anyone who refused to work with the new digital technology.  The ‘unknown’  in both industries was the advancement of digital technology and the world-wide-web,  known by everyone today as the internet.  It was only a few years ago in the late 90’s; photographers didn’t have websites,  emails or the ability to shoot digital files.   So much change, and it has happened very quickly.   Literally overnight.

The book, Contemporary Wedding Photography,  albeit written in 2005 and published in December 2006 is about wedding photography at that time. An era when digital technology became financially accessible to photographers.  Based on the Wedding Photography business of Julie Oswin,  a professional photographer since 1994, the book includes advice on the preparation and planning of your wedding photography and has useful checklists, tips and provides step-by-step sequences to give inspiration and successful shooting.   A lot of the content 13 years on, is still relevant today.  The Photoshop section and editing part of the book is dated 2005, so in the grand scheme of digital technology, it was pretty much out of date when the book was published.  The technology is nowhere near as sophisticated as the latest computers and the software we use today, including Photoshop and Lightroom.

Digital technology has allowed us, as photographers, to expand our creative repertoire, both in photography and in the presentation of our images. I was extremely doubtful of the new technology at the beginning of 2001. However, I had an opportunity to work with Epson Europe and Nikon on their stand at Focus on Imaging (now known as The Photography Show)  held at the NEC, in March 2001.  After the show, I decided to take a leap of faith and sold all of my ‘film’ camera equipment and converted to a Digital SLR, the Nikon D100.   I  never looked back!

With the advancement of technology for photographers, as exciting as it has been,  there has been some significant ‘big’ casualties in the industry.   Businesses that were sceptical of change who either decided not to take the digital route or were slow to keep up with the technology simply went out of business.  As a full-time photographer since 1994, with the increase of competition for photography work amongst photographers, it has been sad to see so many established trade companies, friends and colleagues disappear from the photographic industry.  As image makers we had to adapt to the new technology, we had to change our cameras and take on the role of processing our images and learn to work in the world of computers.

Digital technology has accelerated at an unbelievable rate since 2001 and wedding photography has become accessible by anyone who owns a digital camera.  Gone are the days of medium format film cameras used by the majority of photographers at weddings.  Today, the computer is the ‘light room’ and not the ‘darkroom’, software like Photoshop, Lightroom and album design software have all contributed to this.  The ability to manipulate your images in post-production has been a no-brainer to keep up with technology and the industry.

Since the introduction of affordable DSLR cameras,  wedding photography has become about storytelling, capturing the emotions and atmosphere of the day through a documentary style of photography far removed from the ‘classical’ wedding photography, without the additional cost of buying rolls of film and lab processing.  In the ‘old days of film,’ it was the average to shoot 60-100 images on film;  every shot had to count, and every picture taken used in the preview book and then the wedding album.   It was inevitable that digital cameras became the go-to camera to photograph weddings.  With the technology came the freedom to shoot as many images as you wanted without the additional costs of processing.

Wedding photography is a fluid environment for photographers and there isn’t any room for complacency.  Gaining expertise and training with the ever-evolving technology and continuing to move forward within the industry is a must.

Stand still and the photography industry,  together with digital technology,  will pass you by.

–  Julie Oswin


– Julie Oswin –


Have you lost your inspiration and mojo for wedding photography?   You want to be inspired, motivated and excited about wedding photography?  Join us on the Photography Masters – May 2019.  One of the best residential training courses for Wedding Photography.   May 2019 will be the third year of the masters and an excellent opportunity for any photographer wanting to learn more about photographing a wedding, gain invaluable knowledge, expertise and gain new confidence with your new skills.  And, get your mojo back!

The setting for this UK photography course will be on the edge of the Peak District, Derbyshire at The Makeney Hall Hotel.  The course is fully-inclusive of four days of intensive wedding training, all of your meals including a three-course evening meal and your private en-suite luxury bedroom.  Please note there is no single supplement and you don’t have to share a room!

The workshop will cover everything to do with weddings and includes off-camera flash using speed-lights and video lights, evening/low light photography, posing and photographing groups, bridal portraiture, photographing the groom, business of weddings, editing, photoshop, designing albums and so much more!  And, working in a typical UK wedding venue in the weather that we can expect at a wedding.

Shooting Documentary Weddings with Kevin Mullins.  Fashion inspired Weddings with Stuart Wood, Editorial Weddings with Julie Oswin, Classical Weddings with Ozzie Malik and not forgetting the wonderful Lightroom Guru, Sean McCormack.

This will be a fabulous week.  You will love it!  But, we only nine places remaining.  Book now to reserve your spot!  A booking fee of £125 secures your place and hotel room.  And, spread the cost of the remaining balance!  Click on the button below.

I had such a fantastic week on so many levels!  The hard work that was put into this course before and during the week goes way beyond anything I have been on before, and you provided a complete 5-star experience that just ticked all the boxes.

A week packed full of practical and theory lessons from amazingly talented trainers in the craft of wedding photography mixed with massive amounts of fun and laughter, which I truly believe everyone of us felt.  

I felt, totally inspired…

Everything was perfect!  


Julie Moult

Photographer, Jules Photography

It’s not cool!

Photography & Business Training

Learning and understanding the Business side of Photography is definitely NOT the glamorous side of photography.  The business side of this job to so many photographers seems boring and unexciting!

But, believe me, when I say this, it really is important!  You can be the most brilliant photographer in the world, take amazing photographs but without knowledge on pricing your product, marketing, and understanding how to sell your photography you might as well be throwing cash out of the window.

I am running two Business Courses during November, one in Northern Ireland (Sun 6th Nov – limited places available) and one in the East Midlands , Junction 22 M1  (Sun 20th Nov).

So come inside from the cold and find out more!